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Travel back in time...

December 2023: SHE IS HERE!!!

SO excited to release my first novel with the world. I truly hope you all enjoy the story. It is not for the fainthearted as we learn about Lia.

Disclaimer: *Trigger warning* There are traumatic occurrences that occur in the novel. But I promise you it is a good story with a wonderful ending (or beginning!) More details coming soon! I will be having a virtual launch party. Please check out my Instagram for more details! xoxoxox






2021: My first novel, Brave Magnolia, is coming soon!

Meet Magnolia "Lia" Sevo, the protagonist of Brave Magnolia! She is determined to break glass ceilings. Despite her own tragic occurrences in the past, Lia holds her head up high to succeed.

Brave Magnolia deals with the difficult topics of loss and abuse.

Despite the harrowing and unfortunate nature of her journey, Lia continues to move toward the light at the end of the tunnel. She is a young women during the 1950s era but her challenges are no different than the ones women face today.

"Go to Sleep, Baby!"


End hate. End racism.

Be an activist for all. Be an activist for the world and for humanity. Do not cherry-pick your causes.

"Enemies of fairness and equality, hear my womanly roar!!"

- Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreations